Why are banking and finance one of the most popular fields of education that attract the best students today? There are the following five reasons why banking and finance remain the primary choices of the most ambitious students.

1. Rapid, continuous career advancement in the environment that is constantly changing and bringing new challenges

The needs and ways of doing business in the modern business world are changing very quickly and require those working in this sector to acquire new knowledge and apply it quickly in practice. If you are carried away by the excitement of the stock market or the possibilities of long-term investment planning in the best banks and financial institutions in the world, do not forget that fundamental education in this area is very important.

2. Possibility of improvement and development

Large companies that employ graduate students of banking and finance through the system of their business and employee care offer opportunities for constant improvement and development. Working in companies such as the EBRD, EY, Raiffeisen bank, World Bank and OECD gives employees the privilege to learn and improve on decades of experience.

3. Salary and benefits

The average salary in the financial sector is among the highest in the world, even in our country. In addition to salary, these occupations also bring the privilege of additional benefits such as bonuses, private health insurance and family care.

4. Travel and work abroad

Working in financial institutions brings the possibility of traveling in the country and abroad. This is one of the reasons why this profession is becoming increasingly popular among young people. You can easily find yourself at work in one of the world’s financial centres in Europe or on another continent, such as in London, New York, Singapore or Hong Kong. If you are ambitious, already during your studies, with the help of an exchange program you can gain experience in some of these destinations.

5. Long-term career planning

Once you start a business in the financial sector, the opportunities for advancement become limitless. It all depends on your personal willingness to learn. You are not limited to the financial sector. Once you list in your CV the experience gained in one of the world’s financial institutions, many doors will be open for you.