Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance and Finance is based on the experience of a large number of university professors, scientists and experts in the field of economics, business and finance. The concept, organization and methods of work of the Faculty fully meet the requirements of modern business practice, i.e. companies, banks and other financial institutions provide experts with a high degree of knowledge and competencies.
During their studies, each student is provided with a professional internship lasting at least three months in banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Teaching at the Faculty is performed in small study groups and in various teaching forms (lectures, exercises, seminars, creative workshops, etc.). Teaching methods provide a process of essential, not formal learning, an interactive relationship between students and teachers in which the emphasis is placed on student activity. Regarding textbooks, students learn from the world leading textbooks translated into Serbian which are used at prestigious European and American universities are used.
During their studies, the students of the Faculty are trained to work on special software used in banking, analyse real cases and then apply the acquired knowledge during their internship. In addition, during their studies, students receive an internationally recognized certificate confirming their IT competence, i.e. a certificate that they have passed the ECDL test.
The Faculty has established and developed cooperation with renowned foreign universities and faculties, including the University of Reading, the Faculty of Business and Law of the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt, Sofia Antipoli University of Nice, the University of Turin, the University of Rome, the University of Coimbra University, the University of Istanbul and many others. In addition to the academic, the Faculty provided cooperation with FINRA (National Association of Brokers and Dealers of Securities of the USA), which opened the possibility of professional development for students through passing the 65 series exam for obtaining an international license of investment advisor. Study with us
Based on the follow-up of students who have graduated so far, it was noticed that 80% of them got a job in the first six months after graduation. Our students are employed in commercial banks, the National Bank, large corporations and other domestic and foreign financial organizations.