Darko Vuković, PhD

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E-mail: darko.vukovic@bba.edu.rs

PhD studies 

Global economy and European Union politics


Education and professional development

Darko Vukovic is a full professor at the Belgrade Banking Academy, in the narrower scientific field – economics and finance. He received his doctorate from the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac. He completed his graduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. He perfected his training at the faculties of economics in Bucharest, Zagreb, Prague and Bratislava, Corvinus University in Budapest, Wirtschafts University in Vienna. His specialties are financial markets, financial forecasting, financial risk management, investment financing and regional economy.

Prof. Vukovic holds a CERGE-EI Certificate for a teacher training program. He also created the master program Investment financie in the digital economic system at the Faculty of Economics, People’s Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. Dr. Vukovic is the head of the department of regional geography at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijić” of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. Also, he is the head of the project A comparative study of Sino-Serbian research and risk management from a multi-risk perspective funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

Professional career

He is a professor at the Department of Finance of the St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management (with EPAS, ACCA, PRMIA, GARP, KTEM accreditations), HSE University of St. Petersburg in Russia and the head of the International Laboratory for Finance and Financial Markets at the People’s Friendship University in Moscow. During his career, he has reviewed numerous journals of leading publishing houses (Tayler & Francis, Elsevier, Springer, Chapman & Hall / CRC Press, Emerald, Sage, etc.) and has been a guest editor in international journals several times.

Prof. Vukovic was awarded with honorary doctorate (Excellentia Doctor, honoris causa) in 2017, by the CIAC – Confederation of International Accreditation Commission, Canada, New Delhi (India) and KEISIE – International University (KIU), South Korea. In the same year, he received a certificate of outstanding contribution in the field of economics, from the Indian Academy of Management. He is a member of prominent international bodies: Regional Science Association International (Azores, Portugal) and Regional Studies Association (London, UK), The American Southern Association (Jacksonville, US) and The American Southwestern Finance Association (Huston, US). In 2021, he received a certificate for outstanding paper from the publishing house Emerald, GB. He has published more than 50 papers indexed in leading index databases: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics), Scopus and ABS (CABS), including leading journals in the field of finance and financial forecasting.

The most significant scientific papers

  1. Vukovic, D. B., Romanyuk, K., Ivashchenko, S., & Grigorieva, E. (2022). Are CDS spreads predictable during the Covid-19 pandemic? Forecasting based on SVM, GMDH, LSTM and Markov switching autoregression. Expert Systems with Applications, 116553. (M21A)
  2. Vukovic, D.B., Rincon, C.J. & Maiti, M. Price distortions and municipal bonds premiums: evidence from Switzerland. Financ. Innov. 7, 60 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40854-021-00276-8 (M21A)
  3. Vukovic, D., Lapshina, K., Maiti, M. (2019). European Monetary Union Bond Market Dynamics: Pre & Post Crisis, Research in International Business and Finance, Vol (50), 369-380. doi: 10.1016/j.ribaf.2019.04.001 (M21)
  4. Maiti, M., Krakovich V., Shams, R., Vukovic, D. (2020). Resource based model for small innovative enterprises, Management Decision, Vol. 58 No. 8, pp. 1525-1541. DOI: 10.1108/MD-06-2019-0725 (M22)
  5. Vukovic, D., Maiti, M., Grubisic; Z., Grigorieva, E., & Frömmel, M. (2021). COVID-19 Pandemic: Is the Crypto Market a Safe Haven? The Impact of the First Wave, Sustainability 2021, Volume 13, Issue 15, 8578. (M22)
  6. Maiti, M, Vuković, D, Mukherjee, A, Paikarao, PD, Yadav, JK. (2021). Advanced data integration in banking, financial, and insurance software in the age of COVID-19. Softw: Pract Exper. 2021; 1– 17. (M22)
  7. Vukovic, D.B., Ugolnikov, V., Maiti, M. (2020). Sell-side analysts’ recommendations a value or noise, International Journal of Finance and Economics. 26(2), 3134-3151. (M22)
  8. Vukovic, D. B., & Prosin, V. (2018). The prospective low risk hedge fund capital allocation line model: evidence from the debt market. Oeconomia Copernicana, 9(3), 419–439. (M21)
  9. Vukovic, D., Lapshina, K., Maiti, M. (2021). Multilateral Analysis of the Money Markets high frequency data using Wavelets during Pre and Post Crisis: An Investor Practical guide, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 58 (2021): 101457. (M21)
  10. Vukovic, D., Vyklyuk, Y., Matsiuk, N., Mait,i M. (2020). Neural network forecasting in prediction Sharpe ratio: Evidence from EU debt market, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 1-20. 123331 (M21)
  11. Vukovic, D., Maiti, M., Vujko, A. and Shams, R. (2020). “Residents’ perceptions of wine tourism on the rural destinations development”, British Food Journal, Vol. 122 No. 8, pp. 2739-2753. (M22)
  12. Vukovic, D.B., Ugolnikov, V. & Maiti, M. (2020). Analyst Says A Lot but Should You Listen: Evidence from Russia. Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 47 No. 4, pp. 729-745. (M23)

Monographs and proceedings

  1. Vuković, D., Vlasova N.Y., Ergunova O.T. (2020). Institutions in the Context of the Regional Development of Russia. In: Gabdrakhmanov N., Safiullin L. (eds) Regional Economic Development in Russia, 123-132, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. Springer.
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