Why to enroll in BBA?

Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty of Banking, Insurance and Finance is based on the experience of a large number of university professors, scientists and experts in the field of economics, business and finance. The concept, organization and methods of work of the Faculty fully meet the requirements of modern business practice, i.e. companies, banks and other financial institutions provide experts with a high degree of knowledge and competencies.

During the studies, each student is provided with a professional internship in each year of study. In the final year, professional practice was provided in banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Teaching at the Faculty is performed in small study groups and in various teaching forms (lectures, exercises, seminars, creative workshops, etc.).


The mission of the Faculty is to educate experts with a high degree of knowledge and competencies in the field of economics and business: banking, finance, accounting and marketing, while respecting the highest academic freedoms, standards and achieving maximum value for the overall efforts of students.

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