Hasan Hanić

Emeritus prof. dr Hasan Hanić

Emeritus prof. Dr. Hasan Hanić began his academic career at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, where he was elected to all teaching and scientific titles. He was elected to the highest teaching-scientific title, full professor at the University of Belgrade, in 1993. At the Faculty of Economics, he performed a number of managerial functions: vice dean for teaching, vice dean for science, head of the Department of the Faculty in Šabac, director of the Scientific Research Center, director of the Center for Publishing, president of the Postgraduate Studies Comittee and others.

He was employed at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade until May 1, 2005, when he transferred to the Belgrade Banking Academy, of which he is the main founder. Due to the exceptional results he achieved in science and teaching, and the contribution he gave to the development and international affirmation of the Faculty and the University, the Senate of the Union University in Belgrade awarded Professor Hanić the highest academic title – Professor Emeritus.

Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade

The institute was founded in 1958. It has the status of a state institute of national importance in the field of economic sciences. He achieved notable results in organizing postgraduate studies in econometrics, statistical analysis, actuarial and insurance. Over 30 scientists-researchers are engaged in the Institute, among which are 22 doctors of economic sciences.

Triglav osiguranje a.d.o. Beograd

Triglav osiguranje is a Serbian insurance company which is the leader in insurance in the Adria region – the Triglav Group. The joint stock insurance company was founded in 1972. It deals with insurance of all types – insurance of property, persons, motor vehicles, goods in domestic and international transport and loan insurance.

The Faculty was established by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia no. 612-00-248 / 2003-04 of 28 December 2004.