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Belgrade Banking Academy – Faculty for banking, insurance and finance is the institution of higher education founded on great experience of a huge number of university professors, scientists, experts and entrepreneurs in the field of banking, insurance and finance. Its concept, organisation and methodology justify the title ‘School of excellence’. This is the faculty which would provide banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions with well educated experts.

High reputation in the Serbian education system, and the wider academic community, the Faculty has gained on the basis of:

  • contemporary internationally recognized study programs
  • first class (translated) textbooks used at the most prestigious foreign universities, and which are written in clear and understandable style, allow students with moderate effort to gain useful (functional) skills
  • teachers who are committed to a maximum of students, encouraging them continuously to get better results
  • developed cooperation with reputable foreign universities from United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and other countries that enables the exchange of students and teachers as well and realize the joint projects
  • students after the completion of undergraduate, master's or doctoral studies can be relatively quick to get a job in the private and public sectors and professional rapid progress and to achieve high achievements in the academic (scientific or university) careers at home and abroad.

Consequently, the Belgrade Banking Academy - Faculty for banking, insurance and finance for several years now ranked as one of the best faculty in the field of social sciences and humanities


We provide education so as to create qualified, well-educated experts capable of dealing with all types of modern banking, insurance and financial operations, with the respect of academic freedom, high standards and achievement of maximum value for total students efforts and workload.

BBA as a 'school of excellence' and focused on banking, insurance and finance, will become the leader in the region.

OUR VALUES - Students are in the focus of our attention with respect of their personality and care taken for each student.

  • Continuous efforts so as to motivate students to be successful during their studies.
  • Care for students employment, follow-up and support in work
  • Curriculum harmonized with the requirements of the working environment and academic standards.
  • Building up rapport among colleagues and creating pleasant atmosphere.
  • Fulfilment of the highest academic and professional international standards so as to achieve excellence.
  • Cooperation with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.
  • Adjustment to change and continuous innovations.
  • 'Open-door' policy
  • Care for society


  • providing opportunities for BBA STUDENTS to find jobs and climb up the career ladder
  • providing BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES AND OTHER FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS with experts who know how to do business and have professional competences
  • providing valuable human resources to SOCIAL COMMUNITY in order to ensure social and economical development
  • DEVELOPMENT OF NEW AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE EXISTING CURRICULA – harmonization of programmes with the requirements of the global environment, particularly the European Union, Bologna Declaration and labour market.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF NEW AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE EXISTING TEACHING METHODS – development of interactive teaching and learning, using case studies from domestic and international business, affirmation of practical training, support to scientific research and involvement of students in this process.
  • IMPROVEMENT OF EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY OF STUDIES – introducing and keeping the quality control system in teaching in accordance with international, first of all European standards which are harmonized with Bologna Declaration and the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia.
  • TO PROVIDE CONDITIONS for lifelong learning through different programmes of professional improvement.